About Us

I’ve been a lawyer for 15 years. I practice in Horry, Marion, Marlboro and Dillon counties. All I do is family law. A family court case means your family is about to change, but it will still be your family. You need a professional advocate to help you guide this change in the direction you want it to go. I offer initial consultations at a flat rate, during which we will go over the facts of your case and set goals for the outcome you hope to achieve.


Sally Ward Peace  

I became a lawyer in 2003, and I opened my own law firm in 2008.   My office is at the corner of 3rd Avenue and Main Street in Conway, South Carolina.  I practice in Horry, Marion, Marlboro and Dillon Counties, and my entire practice is devoted to family law.

I am a member of the South Carolina Bar Association and a member and past president of the Horry County Bar.

I graduated cum laude from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 2003.   I was the research editor for Volume 54 of the South Carolina Law Review.

I majored in Marine Science at Coastal Carolina University, and graduated in 1996.  Before and after graduation, I worked for CCU as a tutor and a research assistant.  Later, I taught science and math at Loris High School before entering law school in 2000.

I’m very fortunate to live on my husband’s family farm in northwestern Horry County, where I can have my horses, dogs, cats, chickens and a garden.  I’m a member of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Conway.

Faith, family and community are the most important things in life to me, and I bet they are to you, too.  If you’re experiencing a change in your family, please call me so we can plan how to protect what’s most important to you. 



Aoife fills a multi-faceted role at the firm. 

She specializes in staff stress management, reminding us often that petting a dog has been scientifically proven to lower human blood pressure and heart rates. National Institute of Health Publication

Aoife also believes in physical fitness and insists her co-workers take at least one brisk half-hour’s walk with her daily. The Bark 

Aoife understands that some clients have had to leave their pets with their estranged spouse or children, and she is always happy to be a surrogate for those who miss their own dog. 

And Aoife is sensitive to those who are allergic or even afraid of dogs, so she won’t take offense if you’d rather not see her when you visit.  She will take a break from her other responsibilities and nap in my office while we meet in the conference room.