Unmarried Parents With a Multi-State Custody Dispute - What Could Go Wrong?

Chapter 4 - Break Up to Make Up.  Then Break Up Again.

“Don’t pay the ransom,” said the voice on the other end of the phone.  “I’ve escaped.”

“You know, I had a nephew Adam[1] who sounded a lot like you,” I replied.  “But he dropped off the face of the earth sometime in February.”

“Jennifer and I tried getting back together.  I didn’t want to say anything to anybody.”

“Well, you did a good job of that.  Are you calling to invite me to the wedding?”

“And people say lawyers lack empathy.”

“All right, I’m sorry.  I wish it had worked out.   What happened?”

“Jennifer and I started seeing each other around Valentine’s Day, and Easter weekend she and Carter moved back home with me in Raleigh.  Last weekend I went on a fishing trip.  When I got back home Sunday, she and Carter were gone.”

“Back to her parents in Greenville?”

“Back to Greenville, but now she and my son have moved in with one of her friends from the Little Theater.”

“What’s her name?”



“The good news is, Jennifer has lightened up about my having time with Carter.  She willing to let me keep him at my house every other weekend.”

“Well, that’s great.  It’s always better if the parents can work out visitation without a judge getting involved.”

“Well, I think a judge is going to have to get involved now.” said Adam.  “I’ve decided to file an action for custody.”






[1] Adam, like everyone else in this story, exists only in my imagination.  No resemblance to real cases or events is intended.

Sally Peace