Sometimes, these are happy changes, like the kinds listed below:


If you want to adopt a child to whom you are related by blood or marriage, South Carolina law streamlines the adoption process.

Name Changes:

Sometimes people want to change their name, or their children’s names, to better reflect their heritage and customs, or to honor a family member.

Other times, family court cases bring stressful changes, such as in cases of:


People are often surprised to learn how few grounds for divorce exist in South Carolina, and what proof is required.  You need to be prepared with accurate information.

Property Division:

You (or your spouse) may be entitled to a share of more marital assets than you realize.  Being uninformed can cost you money.  Sound legal advice is the best investment you can make.


You don’t have to conform to the old notion of one parent having sole custody and the other getting weekends twice a month.  Enlist the help of a family court professional to help you customize a parenting schedule that works for your family.

Parenting time:

Children need both parents to be a meaningful part of their lives.  If your child’s custodial parent is unreasonably refusing to share parenting time with you, you need to know your options.

To start any of these cases, please call my office and set up an appointment for an initial consultation.

We’ll go over the facts of your case, and set goals for what you hope to achieve.   Then we’ll plan the best way to reach those goals. 

Usually, though not always, the next step is for me to file a Summons and Complaint on your behalf with the Family Court.   The Complaint tells the Court what you want and the legal basis for your requests.  The Summons tells the other person that s/he has thirty days to respond.   If you need the Court’s help quickly, we can also file a Motion for Temporary Relief, and usually get a hearing within a few weeks.  Your case starts as soon as these documents are served (a legal term for delivered) on the other party.